Bariatric Surgery Patients


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We offer patients a comprehensive nutrition education program when preparing for bariatric surgery.  This virtual/ telehealth education program helps patients achieve their weight loss goals.  We also offer supervised weight loss documentation (see below) for those needing it as required by their insurance company.  If did not complete our program before you had your surgery, please see our "Back on Track" program by clicking HERE.


Services in our virtual bariatric education program include: 


  • An initial telehealth consultation/ assessment for surgery with the Registered Dietitian who specializes in bariatric nutrition. 

  • Online Bariatric Nutrition Education class: This class goes over the necessary life-long eating habits, reading food labels, portion control, understanding the differences between fat-free, low-fat, reduced-fat, and light foods, how to calculate whether or not a recipe or prepared food is considered low-fat using the information from the nutrition label, how to identify hidden sugars in foods, reducing/removing "empty calories” from your fluid intake, the importance of protein, mini-meal examples and more.


  • Online Pre-Op Nutrition/Vitamin class:  This class includes information on vitamin, mineral, and protein supplements, including purchasing information are discussed. Vitamin deficiencies are real and can cause serious health issues; we see these issues regularly in patients not following a post-surgery vitamin/supplement regimen.  Deficiencies can occur many years after surgery, and they are 100% preventable.  Our goal is to help patients achieve optimal health and prevent all of these avoidable complications with detailed education and support.  Also discussed are ways to avoid post-surgery complications that can happen at any time after your surgery such as dehydration, constipation, gas, etc.  This class will help you prepare for the liquid diet your surgeon will place you on both before and immediately after surgery.  You will be emailed class materials within 1 business day of your scheduled class. 


  • Clearance letter to the Surgeon indicating the patient is ready for surgery once you have completed all the mandatory classes.


  • All patients: Labwork must be ordered by your surgeon or primary Dr if you do not have a surgeon.  The Dietitian will review your yearly labs in follow-up appointments with her.  We offer one-on-one telehealth follow-ups and online coaching.  It is your responsibility to make a once-a-year follow-up appointment or online coaching session for lab review.  You will need to have the labs faxed to our office at 443-490-5060 for the Dietitian to review them.  Labs are not automatically sent to our office from the ordering physician, it is the patient’s responsibility to send a copy to our office.  We can also not request copies to be sent to us from your physician, this must be done by the patient.  It is the patient’s responsibility to contact our office to make an appointment to review these labs and receive deficiency repletion information.  

  • Any additional services not listed above, have a fee for service for which the patient is responsible.  (Ex. follow-ups, online coaching, classes, seminars, materials, memberships, etc.)


  • Hardcopies of educational materials are available for purchase.  The fee is $35 per class requested.  Please call 443-490-1240 to request the materials, submit payment (per class) and schedule a pick-up time at our Catonsville location.  

Patients seeking REVISION surgery:  

ASMBS guidelines have determined the need for pre-operative lab work to be done to identify any vitamin/ mineral deficiencies before surgical clearance may be granted. Your dietitian will discuss this with you at your initial consultation.  Once you have had the required lab work completed and faxed to our office the dietitian will provide recommendations to you via email or phone consultation.  


  • All Services listed above, PLUS you may be required to complete our StriveMD 7-part CBT group.  For more information contact 443-490-1240.  There is a fee associated with this program that is due in full at the time of the first meeting.  This is an out-of-pocket expense to the patient. 




Additional Bariatric Services

Online Supervised Weight Loss Documentation:

The majority of insurance companies require patients to complete 3-12 consecutive months of supervised weight loss documentation before they can be cleared for surgery.  We are happy to offer this service to you online, from the comfort of your own home.  If you have completed documentation elsewhere, and need to know if it is sufficient for your insurance provider, please call your surgeon's office and ask to speak to their insurance coordinator.

Online Classes: $25* s month per person (effective 12/1/2021 this fee will be $35 per month)

For $25 a month you can view the monthly education video(s) and complete your documentation paperwork online.  From the 1st-20th of each month, you have to pay, watch the educational videos, complete exams, and complete your paperwork online.  You will have 7 days or until the 20th to complete the course, whichever comes first.  If you miss your deadline there will be a $25 express processing fee.  


Post-Op Transition Class: $60* per person

This class is designed to help you transition back to solid foods after surgery. You will be supplied with information regarding “red flag” foods to avoid for the first

few months post-op and all food/fluid stage advancement information, head versus physical hunger symptoms, body signal information, information on plastic surgery for skin removal, exercise resources, hormonal changes, eating out resources, lists of recommended products for supplementation, how to read vitamin and supplement labels, and more. Digital education materials will be emailed to you once your enrollment is confirmed.  To register and pay the $60.00 fee for this class click here to register online.

Follow-Up Appointments: $65* for 30-min, $125* for 60-min

Follow-ups are a necessary step in making sure you are reaching and maintaining your weight-loss goals, avoiding plateau’s, and avoiding vitamin/mineral deficiencies that can lead to serious medical problems. 

 We recommend you schedule your first follow-up 1-2 months after your surgery.

 After that, we recommend scheduling a maintenance visit every 3-6 months, with the full lab panel once a year. You should fax your labs to 443-490-5060 before your scheduled appointment.

If we do not see you at least once during the prior 12 months it will be necessary to schedule you for an hour visit, vs. a 30-minute follow-up, to re-establish you as a patient.  Our fees are $65.00 for 30-minutes or $125 for 60-minutes.  Contact us for specials! 


Online Coaching: $35* per assessment


We offer online coaching to help you stay on track with your weight loss avoiding plateaus by use of our food/exercise log review coaching.  We also offer online coaching for lab work review to help you avoid deficiencies.  Click HERE for more information.  Please note you must have been seen within the prior 18 months to qualify for online coaching.

Telehealth Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Groups

We offer CBT groups with Dawn A O'Meally, LCSW-C, P.A. and Nancy Lum, RD, LDN year round on nights and weekends.  CBT works on the headpiece of weight loss that is preventing new lifestyle behaviours from changing.  Please contact our office for more information and subscribe to our newsletter or Facebook page to receive alerts for new groups starting. 



Become a member! We offer a monthly membership to our bariatric patients, this will give you access to our registered dietitian to review a food/exercise log or lab work reviews once a month. You will save $10 off the a la carte fee for online coaching and receive discounts on other services we offer that will not be available to non-members.   Click here for more information.  


*All prices are subject to change without notice